Workshop Details & Materials

What to Bring

  • Laptop. We will provide printed materials but your laptop may be useful as well.
  • Reusable water bottle. We will provide plastic cup but Poe Hall has numerous water bottle refill stations.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) possibility. Please have considered a student who would be an excellent undergraduate research assistant for you. Students should be prompt email responders, driven, diligent, and have strong communication skills. Only students with US citizenship can be considered. URA responsibilities involve the following:
    • Collecting and uploading course syllabus, any handouts, list of homework assigned
    • Collecting and uploading student consent forms
    • Video-taping selected class sessions of the course
    • Taking still shots of student work for selected class sessions
    • Following the protocol for video data collection camera, what to capture, and where and how to upload the video
    • Grading assignments for this course or another course (of instructor’s choice)


PLEASE NOTE: **Workshop materials will be posted here during and after the workshop for participants to reference.

Whole group
IOAA Breakout
IODE Breakout
IOLA Breakout